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Recording A Foreign Judgment In A Maryland Court

Posted by Katherine L. Taylor, Attorney and CPA, Chief Problem SolverJul 15, 20190 Comments

                Did you know that you can record a judgment from another state in Maryland? Through a simple procedure a recorded out of state judgment becomes legally enforceable in Maryland, increasing your options for collection and satisfaction of a judgment.

                To record a final judgment from another state, you need a  certified copy of the judgment from the jurisdiction where it was entered. You can then file the certified copy in any county in Maryland, after giving proper notice to the debtor, and it becomes a valid judgment ripe for collection here. A final judgment can be recorded in any county. Each county charges a filing/recording fee.

                So, if you have a foreign judgment from another state when should you think about recording it in Maryland and in which county? It makes sense to record the judgment in a county where the debtor lives, works, or has any property or assets, because you can move to attach them.

                What can you do with a recorded final judgment? It automatically becomes a lien from the date of entry on the debtor's interest in land located in that county. In addition, it enables you to do various forms of "discovery," such as Interrogatories in Aid of Execution or a Deposition, to learn specifics about a debtor's finances, including attachable assets. It also opens up a variety of potential collection avenues, including bank account and wage garnishment, and attachment and sale of property.

                The procedure to record a foreign judgment may be a cost effective option to obtain payment on a judgment.