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Authentic.  (We're real.)

Honest. (We'll be straight with you.)

Accessible. (Just call, email or text.)

Taylor Legal™ specializes in representing startup, emerging and established businesses and their founders and owners. Like many of our clients, we at Taylor Legal™ are running a business. So we understand the issues that face business owners. We also represent real property owners and property owner associations with covenant review, drafting and enforcement; commercial leases; purchases and sales of commercial real estate; and title and boundary disputes.

We firmly believe that having a great client relationship is fundamental to exceptional legal representation. We get to know our clients and we seek to build strong working relationships with our clients through personal communication and open dialogue.   

Katherine L. Taylor

Katherine founded Taylor Legal™ in 2004 after serving Howard County Government for a decade and working with a respected Baltimore firm for an additional 7 years as a commercial litigator. 

Katherine's strong work ethic and competency was apparent as an undergraduate as well as in law school. She graduated with honors when obtaining both her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Charlotte, NC as as well as when she obtained her Juris Doctor from University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore. She's also a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Andrea LeWinter

Upon completing law school, Andrea was offered a Furman Fellowship and worked with the Southern Fellowship of Human Rights. She worked in the Attorney General's Office in Washington state before relocating to Maryland in 2005. She works with Taylor Legal as Of Counsel to the firm on a variety of cases involving real property disputes and representing property owner associations.

She received high academic honors from New York University of Law, John F Kennedy School of Government, and Columbia College, Columbia University, New York , NY..