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An attorney is most efficient and useful when involved in the process of maintaining your business, not simply handling problems after they occur.  To successfully do this, we develop a strong client-attorney relationship and gain a complete and comprehensive understanding of our client's business pursuits and goals.  It is then, and only then, when we can provide counsel that is practical, client-focused and cost-effective.

Our goal is to be your "go-to" lawyer.  Katherine's wide range of experience allows her to act like a "general practitioner" for your business, and the hope is that you will call Katherine before you take action that involves legal issues.  If the call results in suggested legal work that we can handle (and we can handle a lot), we will provide a cost estimate so that you may decide whether to go forward.  If the work is not in our wheelhouse, we will refer you to lawyers whom we have vetted and who are right for your business.

When we take on the role of outside counsel, we focus on helping our clients with business issues with legal implications that affect your business.  Not only do we come up with thoughtful, out-of-the-box solutions to resolve these matters when they come, we also enforce preventative measures to ensure serious problems that can potentially adversely impact your business don't arise.

Part of providing adequate outside general legal counsel is being available for our clients when needed.  We aim to be accessible when you need us.  The hope is that a short call or email exchange will save you time and save your business money by allowing you to make the right decisions legally.

Basically, we handle the legal legwork to allow the founders and owners of growing companies to do what actually brings in revenue.  Below are the types of agreements and matters that we can take off of your plate:

  • Advice on what type of entity to choose, and the differences in choosing an LLC versus a corporation
  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization (for an LLC) or Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation) and, most importantly, the necessary corporate documents to ensure that your corporation retains its limited liability status
  • Advice on what it means to elect S Corporation status or "close" corporation status
  • Founder and owner agreements (operating agreements, buy-sell/shareholder agreements)
  • Commercial contracts, licensing agreements, employment agreements and independent contractor agreements
  • Noncompete, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Business and asset purchase and sale agreements
  • Corporate governance advice; board and shareholder resolutions and consents; director and shareholder meeting minutes
  • State and Local Government Compliance
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Counseling officers and directors on fiduciary duties and strategic considerations
  • Employment matters, including hiring, retention, termination and employee handbooks (we partner with an attorney who specializes in employment law for more complex employment law matters)
  • Trademark, copyright and intellectual property guidance (we partner with an attorney who specializes in IP law for more complex IP matters)
  • Litigation assessment (we are experienced litigators, but we don't litigate your matter -- we will find you the right attorney if you need to go to litigation)
  • Dispute resolution (Katherine is a trained mediator and believes that resolving disputes before they get to court is a best practice
  • Commercial Real estate purchases and sales
  • Commercial lease drafting, negotiation and review
  • Regulatory issues involving your business or your professional license

Freedom to Focus on the Strengths of Your Business

We work with you to ensure that your business (startup or not) has a strong legal foundation by identifying and rectifying areas of legal weakness that can lead to problems or disputes.  We create strong ownership agreements that are tailored to your specific needs.  We draft and negotiate contracts such as leases, license agreements, real estate purchase agreements and nondisclosure agreements that protect your business and take away the legal worries and allow owners to focus on producing revenue and growing their businesses.  We protect you when negotiating the sale of your business or the purchase of a new business. In short, we have your back and we're on your team.

When most businesses first start out, the owners and founders don't have a clear understanding of all the legalities involved in running a business.  Taylor Legal is committed to handling a variety of details that come up on both an occasional and a regular basis. 

Whatever the nature of your business, chances are there are gaps in your legal know-how, and an issue that may be unnoticeable to you can easily lead to fines or lawsuits that can negatively impact or even destroy your business.  By working with Taylor Legal, you don't have to remember these legalities on your own.  We're on your team.  (Oh, we said that above. But, we mean it.) 

Whether you are just starting your business, maintaining everyday operations, or looking to sell or expand, the business law services of Taylor Legal are perfect to get you on your feet and move you forward.