Selling a Business in Maryland

Minimize Stress and Maximize Your Business' Value

Selling a business in Maryland is a complex process. We will help you understand the business and legal complexities knowing that selling a business is an emotional journey as much as a business transaction. Not every business is “ready” for sale. We can assist with making sure the structure of your business is on solid ground before you sell. 

Once you decide you are ready, managing the negotiation of a purchase and sale agreement can be emotional and time consuming. We will be there for you to explain the necessary “legalese” and wrangle with the other side to make sure the legal terms are in your best interest. 

After a purchase agreement is signed, we will make sure you move toward closing as efficiently as possible. 

How do we help you? Here are some examples.

  • Anticipating and advising you about the implications of potential sales structures  
  • Negotiating the terms of the transaction including payment terms and warranties  
  • Structuring the transaction to reduce risks and protect your interests 
  • Drafting and reviewing the purchase and sale agreement 
  • Guiding the due diligence process  
  • Handling the closing process to guarantee you will obtain what you bargained for 
  • Providing valuable business insights throughout the entire sales process 

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