Buying a Business in Maryland

Achieve your dream of becoming a business owner.

Buying a business is an exciting and unique experience that comes with opportunities and challenges. One of the greatest opportunities is achieving your dream of becoming a business owner or expanding your existing business. The top challenges from a legal perspective are structuring the deal, performing due diligence, allocating risks, and negotiating the terms of the purchase agreement. We can help you tackle all these challenges so that you can realize your dream.

Structuring a deal tailored to your needs. 

There are many ways to buy a business – asset sale v. equity sale, seller financed v. loan, and transition periods for the prior owners. When you work with us you will be in a better position to choose the best deal structure for you. We'll help you think through issues like whether an asset sale where you leave behind more liabilities is better for you? Or whether an equity sale where you maintain the business's history is more beneficial? Your legal documents should reflect the legal realities of your handshake deal and protect you. 

Performing due diligence to capitalize on opportunities and minimize risk.

Would you ever buy a house without an inspection? No! So why would you buy a business without knowing everything you can about it? You should delve into the business's background, financial and performance histories, ongoing transactions, projections, sales reports, profit and loss statements, contracts, and so forth. We are here to help you to manage the due diligence period and adjust the business deal based on our findings.

Expert negotiation helps ensure terms are favorable to you.

For buyers and sellers, negotiating the price of the business is a crucial step. But there is more than just putting a number on the table. You'll want to outline what that number entails: assets, liabilities, down payment, installments, term duration, and more. We will help you sort out these details and ensure that the final terms are favorable to you and that the entire process is legitimate and legal.

How do we help you? Here are some examples.

  • Reinforcing the roles and duties of both parties during the negotiations
  • Drafting and reviewing enforceable legal agreements, avoiding informalities 
  • Using professional experience to look for “loopholes” and defects in contracts 
  • Knowing the fundamental factors to look out for when drafting and negotiating the terms in a contract 
  • Anticipating possible issues and protecting clients from legal exposure 

Get started working toward your dream today!