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Historic Preservation Easements

Posted by Katherine L. Taylor, Attorney and CPA, Chief Problem SolverAug 05, 20190 Comments

A historic preservation easement is a type of conservation easement designed to protect a significant historic, archaeological, or cultural resource. An easement is an agreement between a property owner and another party which limits certain rights of the owner. Preservation easements entered into with the State of Maryland are managed by the State Historic Preservation Office (The Maryland Historical Trust). According to the State Historic Preservation Office:

Generally, the owners of the easement property agree to relinquish partial development rights, to maintain the property, to provide limited public access, and to obtain prior approval for any changes or alterations.  In exchange, The Maryland Historical Trust promises to protect the property by ensuring continuous compliance with the terms of the Easement.

There are currently 26 properties in Howard County which have a historic preservation easement. For the list of all properties in Maryland, see the full list by County, provided by the Maryland Historic Trust. https://mht.maryland.gov/easement.shtml