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Is Your Company's Service Agreement Right for Your Business? [VIDEO]

Posted by Katherine L. Taylor, Attorney and CPA, Chief Problem SolverMar 25, 20210 Comments

If you run a business, particularly a service-oriented business, you probably have a service agreement between you and your customers or clients. But is that service agreement good enough?

Often, people who need a service agreement, especially those who are just starting a business, will grab an existing agreement from a source such as a website for a particular industry. But unfortunately, that agreement is generally far from ideal, especially in service industries.

Every business is different, as is every type of service provided. Every business owner has certain things that are more important to them than they are to other business owners. You need to make sure that your service agreement aligns with your needs and priorities. Termination provisions are one of these important points; payment provisions are another. Many businesses lack provisions that are enforceable or that meet their needs. Intellectual property is another crucial aspect: the agreement has to define what it is and who owns it. Intellectual property can relate to copyrighted materials that you may provide to the client or customer, source code that is being developed, or work developed by the customer.

Your business is special and unique, so make sure your service agreement reflects the business that you do. When you hire us, we will talk to you to learn about your business, the transactions you enter into, and your clients. We learn about what's important to you so that we can draft the best agreement for you.


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