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Why Choose Us

Authentic. Honest. Accessible.


There are plenty of lawyers you can choose from, so we do our best to stand out from the pack by making sure that when you work with us, your client experience is "aha-worthy."

Most lawyers you consider will have appropriate education, skill and experience. But not all will be as accessible, understanding and personable as we are.

Why are all of us at Taylor Legal so good at being accessible, understanding and personable with our clients? Because that's who we inherently are. We approach our jobs seriously and with diligence and dedication, but we also make sure that our personal lives and families are our priorities. We arrange our work around our lives, rather than the opposite. That approach makes us, simply, happier workers. And, happier workers mean happier clients.

To be as accessible as we can, we have adopted a sharing economy model. We use cloud-based technology and co-working space to enhance and advance our practice, allowing us to work remotely and maintain nimble and flexible schedules to accommodate our clients (and life). We pass on the savings to our clients (aha!), making legal representation fair and more affordable for individuals and businesses.